Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Claymotion Juggling website

The Claymotion Juggling website is finally up and open to the world. At the beginning of this year I got the domain name and had the goal to start it and add tricks, info and whatever else before the end of the year (which I did, woohoo). So far I have added a introductory claymotion tutorial, a number of tricks, and hopefully addressed some questions that may have been asked about claymotion.

After I posted the claymotion tutorial to the rec.juggling group, Reuben had a post on his juggling blog addressing the bigger set of start-stop juggling tricks. I agree that claymotion is just a sub-category of start-stop tricks, and if you have not read Reuben's blog you need to go there and check out some of his posts. He's a very intelligent talented young juggler that has lots of great insights on trick categories. I always look forward to his new posts.

Today I added a couple more claymotion tricks, arm rolls. In the next day or so I'll be adding a page covering some juggling tricks that are related to claymotion style moves.

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